What Misty Believes


We need stable good-paying jobs in our district

  • Every person deserves equal pay for equal work.
  • Hard-working Tennesseans shouldn’t be struggling to put food on the table or gas in their tanks. A full-time worker should be able to support themselves with one job.
  • It is important to help those creative, determined individuals navigate the red-tape so that small businesses can grow and Tennessee companies have the first shot at business opportunities in our state.


We should be investing in our state’s children and future

  • Every child and teacher deserves a safe and supportive educational environment.
  • I’m tired of seeing great teachers retire or leave because they are burnt out by educational policies which ultimately label our children as data points.  Money should go to classrooms, not bureaucracy, and teachers should not have to spend more and more of their own money every year to pay for classroom supplies. Teachers should be allowed to focus on what they’re best at: educating our children.
  • We need to provide universal pre-K to all Tennessee children so kids can begin school ready to learn.

Fighting for Regular People

We need regular people to have a greater voice and bring balance to Nashville

Our seniors should have the chance to live out their lives with dignity and our young people should be excited for their future. As more and more hard-working people find themselves working out of the middle class instead of into it, they have less ability to make their voices be heard. It’s important to make sure every person is well-represented and that well-funding lobbyists’ and large corporations’ desires are not placed before our citizens’ needs.


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